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Bangkok Airways cancelled all its flights in and out of Samui between 11:00 and 22:00 on Monday due to severe thunder storms hitting the island.

The airline, that likes to call itself Asia's Boutique Airline, has also postponed all flights in and out of Samui from 06.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m. today (Tuesday). The airline said it expected to resume services after 12.00 p.m. but this is entirely subject to weather conditions.

 The 36 flights that were cancelled on Monday include:

Bangkok - Samui: PG121, PG123, PG805, PG133, PG961, PG265, PG216, PG169, PG175, PG187, PG199
Samui - Bangkok: PG217, PG132, PG168, PG170, PG176, PG178, PG188, PG806, PG266, PG216, PG962
Samui - Phuket: PG255, PG257
Phuket - Samui: PG252, PG256, PG258
Samui – U-tapao: PG252
U-tapao - Samui: PG294
Samui - Krabi: PG265
Krabi - Samui: PG266
Chiang Mai - Samui: PG242
Samui - Singapore: PG961
Singapore - Samui: PG962
Samui – Hong Kong: PG805
Hong Kong - Samui: PG806

The routings that are subject to cancellations are Bangkok-Samui, Chiang Mai-Samui, Phuket-Samui, Krabi-Samui, U-tapao-Samui, Hong Kong-Samui and Singapore-Samui.

The airline is advising passengers booked on the above or other Bangkok Airways flights over the next few days to contact the ticketing office to rebook a new flight with no additional charge.

The airline has not set up dedicated emergency numbers or emails but advises passengers to call 1771 from within Thailand, or +662 265 5868-9 or visit their website, or travel agent.


(news from www.asiatraveltips.com)